• Pistols in stock

    We have a selection of pistols and more inventory arriving every day. Stock is tough to come by these days, if you are looking for something special please contact us to help with an FFL transfer from another vendor. If you have unused weapons we offer a consignment service – ask us for details.

  • (SOLD)Remington Model 51 $399

    In on consignment is a Remington Model 51 semi automatic pistol in .380. Included in the sale is 25 rounds of old .380 ball ammunition. Pistol has been cleaned and test fired and works great.

  • Smith & Wesson’s America’s Guardian’s Program

    Arms and Ammo is a Smith & Wesson’s America’s Guardian’s Program dealer offering specially priced firearms for Law Enforcement, Military and First Responders. Individuals who may be qualified under this program include:

    Sworn LEO (Law Enforcement Officers) State, County and Local
    • Federal LEO – F.B.I., U.S. Marshals, DEA, DHS, et cetera
    • Corrections Officers, including Parole and Probation Officers
    • Retired LEO with “retired” credentials including Federal, State, County and Local
    • State Licensed Security Companies and State/City Licensed Security Officers
    • Federal Flight Deck Officers
    • Court Judges, District Attorneys and Deputy District Attorneys
    • First responders including firefighters and rescue personnel with appropriate I.D.
    • Military: Active, Retired, Active-Reserve, Disabled in any capacity, Active – Nat’l Guard

    A copy of your credentials is required at point of sale in order to verify eligibility for the America’s Guardians Program.

    We have a few M&P Sport II AR-15s in stock – stop in and have a look.

  • (SOLD)Smith & Wesson 38/44 $695

    This pistol was manufactured post WWII and is ingood operational condition, the finish does show 60+ years of patina. The pistol includes 100+ rounds of .38 special ammunition. Stop in an have a look.

  • A note about prices and availability.

    The firearm and ammunition industry is seeing unprecedented levels of demand. We spend hours each day trying to secure inventory. Please note that items that may have been previously advertised may be out of stock or prices may have changed. We do our best to communicate these as soon as we can, but sometimes we don’t update everything immediately. We appreciate all our customers old and new that are sticking with us in these crazy times.

    Please remember that we are doing our best to bring you as much product as possible at the lowest prices.

  • Kimber Micro Pistols

    We have a 9mm and .380 version of the Kimber Micro carry pistols in stock.

    Micro slides are made to the tightest allowable tolerances, with barrels machined from stainless steel for superior resistance to moisture. All Micro frames are shaped from the finest aluminum for integrity and strength. In many respects a miniature 1911, among the most important Micro 9 design advantages is a single action trigger with the kind of short, smooth pull that ensures accuracy and builds confidence. The thumb safety, slide release and magazine release are pure 1911 as well. Standard features include a lowered and flared ejection port for flawless ejection and a beveled magazine well for fast, positive loading. Sights are steel – not plastic – and mounted in machined dovetails for additional integrity. Each Micro 9 includes en extended 7-round magazine.

    Ideal for shooters with small hands as well as those who insist on mild recoil combined with enough power for concealed carry or home protection, Micro 9 pistols are the right choice for many applications. Best of all, they offer unequaled Kimber quality, dependability and performance.

  • Smith & Wesson Shield EZ

    We have the S&W Shield EZ models available in 9mm and .380. These have been very hot sellers this year for their ease of use and reliability. Stop in and check on out, they are a great self defense firearm.

  • Stoeger STR-9

    We are now offering this budget 9mm. Check out the video from American Rifleman for some more info.

  • Ammo in stock

    Be have some bulk 5.56mm and 9mm in stock , in addition to other calibers. Shipments are arriving daily, inventory is tough to find these days and we are doing our best to keep supplies up.