FFL Transfers

Arms and Ammo is happy to accept a transfer from any other FFL across the United States. We charge $30 to facilitate the transfer and then an addition $10 for your background check. Should you choose to have multiple transfers as once – we only charge you for a single background check per group of transfers. If you have any questions or would like to proceed with an FFL transfer please call or email us to being the transfer process.


1. Do I need to be a Tennessee resident to have a transfer fulfilled at Arms and Ammo? YES
2. What happens if I have a firearm shipped to you and I don;t pass the background check? The weapon must be shipped back to the seller, if you do not pass the background check you cannot take possession of the weapon.
3. Do I need to pay Tennessee sales tax on a weapons transfer? NO
4. Why is shipping for a firearm seem so expensive? Federal law mandates that all firearms be shipped overnight, UPS and Fedex ship all their handguns overnight. Long guns may be shipped ground via UPS.