Consignment Sales

Have a gun or a collection of guns that you don’t want or need anymore? We are happy to help you sell those guns through our store. Our consignment sales service gives you an easy, safe and legal way to sell unwanted or un-needed firearms.

How does the program work?
The best thing is to bring in the gun(s) that you want to sell so we can do an initial evaluation. If you have a large collection (15+) we can make arrangements to pick them up for you.
We charge an initial fee of $20 to list your gun for sale in our store. This fee covers the background check on the weapon, photography and documentation of the firearm. We put the firearm on display in the store and list it on various social media/websites to help facilitate the sale of the gun.
Anyone that is interested in purchasing your firearm will go through a background check and the weapon sale will be documented through our store, the same process we follow on a new gun sale. This insures that your weapon is not sold to a person that cannot legally possess it. The store takes a 20% commission on the sale and we give you a check for the proceeds of the sale.


  1. Q: Why do you have to run a background check on my gun?
    A: Every weapon that comes to us from an individual must be run through the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation TICS system to confirm that the weapon is not stolen or illegal. If a weapon comes back stolen the Williamson County Sheriff will immediately be dispatched to our store to confiscate the weapon.
  2. Q: My gun does not have a serial number on it – can I still bring it in for your to sell?
    A: Many firearms manufactured prior to 1960 may not have a serial number on them, and those are perfectly legal to sale. We have sold many antique weapons that were manufactured in the 1800’s that did not include a serial number. If you have a late model weapon that the serial number has been modified or removed – those we cannot sell for you. If a weapon of that nature is brought into our store – it is our duty to turn it over to the Sheriff office.
  3. Q: Will you sell my gun online?
    A: In some circumstances we will list a firearm on a website that sells to a buyer out of town. In this situation the buyer pays and shipping charges and we will only ship the firearm to a licensed gun dealer. The buyer will still have to pass a background check to purchase the weapon. We will never directly sell a weapon to an individual who does not get a background check.
  4. Q: I have a large collection of weapons. Will I need to pay $20 for each one?
    A: If you have a large collection please contact us to talk about what you have and in some circumstances special arrangements can be made.
  5. Q: What happens if my gun doesn’t sell?
    A: There are a few options, we can look to list it online in more places. You can come in and pick the weapon backup, but please know that we need to charge $10 for a background check before you can have your weapon back. Even though you own the gun, we cannot turn over any weapon in our store to someone that does not pass a background check.
  6. Q: What other fees/charges could I be looking at through your store?
    A: Sometimes we might recommend that a part be replaced or an accessory be added to your firearm to make is easier to sell. On older firearms there are documentation services that can allow a higher asking price and the firearm is researched and factual information is provided to the buyer. In addition if we use special gun selling partners to list your weapon – there may be additional charges for that service. Regardless – we will contact you and see authorization before adding to the cost of the sale of your weapon.

If you have any questions or are interested in selling a firearm through us, please give us a call or stop in.