• Smith & Wesson Shield Plus

    The most trusted micro-compact for concealed carry is back with more: 13+1 round capacity, enhanced grip angle, and more balanced grip texture. The new Shield is almost the same size as the first generation Shield while adding additional capacity.

  • Get Ready For Hunting Season Now

    We have a few Thompson Center .243 rifles in stock, ready for sale with mounted Vortex scope. Stop in and have a look . These are great started rifles for anyone looking to into hunting this fall.

  • Ammo In Stock

    We have a variety of 5.56, 9mm, 38 Special, .22, .308, 300 Blackout, 12 gauge ammo in stock. Stop in for a visit and get shooting again.

  • AR & AK Rifles In Stock

    We have some new and used AR and AK rifles in stock. In addition we have AR lowers and 556/223 ammo in stock. Stop in and have a look around !

  • (SOLD)Beretta Tomcat .32 $595

    In on consignment is this unique carry pistol from Beretta, the Tomact in .32 ACP. Included with the sale is ammunition and a holster. Stop in and have a look.

  • Pistols in stock

    We have a selection of pistols and more inventory arriving every day. Stock is tough to come by these days, if you are looking for something special please contact us to help with an FFL transfer from another vendor. If you have unused weapons we offer a consignment service – ask us for details.

  • (SOLD)Remington Model 51 $399

    In on consignment is a Remington Model 51 semi automatic pistol in .380. Included in the sale is 25 rounds of old .380 ball ammunition. Pistol has been cleaned and test fired and works great.