• Smith & Wesson Shield Plus $399

    Stop in and have a look at this excellent 13+1, 9mm carry pistol. We have them in stock with or without a thumbs safety. Please note this does not include the optic ready pistols.

  • Smith & Wesson Victory .38 $599 (SOLD)

    This pistol appears to be in like new condition. It was one of the .38 Smith& Wesson pistols that was issued to the British during World War 2. It comes with an original holster and several boxes of .38 S&W ammo. Please note that this will not fire .38 Special ammunition.

  • Beretta 80 Series Cheetah

    The Cheetahs have the trademark Beretta open top slide and a lightweight aluminum frame. They are double action/single action with a frame-mounted safety. You can find them in .380 ACP, .32 ACP, and .22 LR.

    Beretta started using the name Cheetah sometime in the 90s, but they were first released back in 1975 as simply the Model 81 and 84. The 81 was a .32 ACP with a double column 12-round magazine. The 84 was basically identical but it was chambered for .380 ACP with a 13-round mag.

    The 80-series was designed for the law enforcement market, primarily in Europe and other countries outside of the US where small calibers were considered acceptable for duty use. It’s had a fair amount of success in that role and I believe they are still in use in some of those places.

    In the early 80s, Beretta debuted single stack versions of the Cheetahs: the Model 82 with 9+1 rounds of .32 ACP and the 85 with 8+1 rounds of .380.

    These four models were and still are the most popular and well known variants of the Beretta Cheetah. They all have the same exterior dimensions. They all have 3.8-inch barrels. But they’re not the only Cheetahs.

  • For Sale: Orion Scout M1 Garand Scoped Rifle – $2999

    Orion’s Scout Rifle is built off our time tested Select Grade platform M1 Garand. The Scout is equipped with a top quality Criterion barrel and brand new American walnut set of furniture, which is hand fitted to each and every rifle. All major components of these rifles, including the receivers, are top quality USGI that have been refinished in house and they come together with brand new pins and springs. This offering has a match tuned trigger and is outfitted with an Amega Mount rail system which replaces the M1’s rear handguard. The Optic is a Leupold VX Freedom 1.5-4x28mm IER Scout Scope, this particular scope has plenty of eye relief and a fantastic parallax making target acquisition extremely quick. The scope is mounted using Leupold steel rings, these high quality scope rings can handle the power of the M1’s cartridge while giving you the ability to switch over to iron sights quickly. Smith Enterprises muzzle break included which greatly reduces felt recoil.

    You can read more about the builder of this rifle – Orion 7 on their website:

  • Pre-Hunting Season .308 Special – $22.95

    We have a limited quantity of .308 147gr. full metal jacket available for a special price of $22.95 a box of 20 rounds. These are manufactured in Tennessee and are a great shooting round.

  • Auto Ordinance 1927A-1 “Tommy Gun” $2199 (SOLD)

    For more than 100 years, the “Chicago Typewriter®”, the time-honored submachine gun, has been a favorite among collectors and shooting enthusiasts.

    The .45 ACP caliber Thompson 1927A-1 has a pinned Cutts compensator, which lengthens the finned barrel length to 18”, and puts the overall length for the carbine at 41” from buttstock to muzzle. The Tommy Gun is available with a blued steel receiver (T1 models) or a lighter weight aluminum receiver (T5 models). They have a blade front and open rear adjustable sight. The fixed stock is crafted in luxurious polished American Walnut and has a vertical foregrip.

    Rifle is unfired, comes with a 50 round drum, 20 round stick magazine and a violin shaped carry case.