For Sale: Orion Scout M1 Garand Scoped Rifle – $3200

Orion’s Scout Rifle is built off our time tested Select Grade platform M1 Garand. The Scout is equipped with a top quality Criterion barrel and brand new American walnut set of furniture, which is hand fitted to each and every rifle. All major components of these rifles, including the receivers, are top quality USGI that have been refinished in house and they come together with brand new pins and springs. This offering has a match tuned trigger and is outfitted with an Amega Mount rail system which replaces the M1’s rear handguard. The Optic is a Leupold VX Freedom 1.5-4x28mm IER Scout Scope, this particular scope has plenty of eye relief and a fantastic parallax making target acquisition extremely quick. The scope is mounted using Leupold steel rings, these high quality scope rings can handle the power of the M1’s cartridge while giving you the ability to switch over to iron sights quickly. Smith Enterprises muzzle break included which greatly reduces felt recoil.

You can read more about the builder of this rifle – Orion 7 on their website: